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  • Man burns down house trying to kill spider

    A Seattle, Washington man terrified of spiders went to extreme measures to get rid of one he spotted in his home last week. Officials say the man used a can of spray paint and a lighter, creating a “blowtorch” like device to chase the spider out of his laundry room.  But the man’s plan didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped once the wall caught fire and quickly spread. Firefighters say the man fled the home he was renting when […]

  • Woman Helps Ducklings, Gets Traffic Ticket

    A woman trying to help some baby ducklings is now in trouble with the law. Hallie Bibeau said she was driving in Newfields, New Hampshire last week when she narrowly missed hitting the stranded ducklings. Bibeau said, “I could hear them peeping, and I looked over the right hand side of the road, and I saw that their mom had been hit and was dead on the side, so I couldn’t just continue on.” When she looked on the side […]

  • Water Tower Place Offers Same-Day Delivery

    Chicago area shoppers’ insatiable appetite for online shopping may soon grow larger as same-day delivery services are being offered by some of their favorite retailer housed in Water Tower Place at 835 N. Michigan Ave. The General Growth-owned mall announced in a joint press release with mall operators Simon and Macerich that shoppers, “will enjoy same-day delivery service from a variety of participating jewelry, fashion, and footwear and luxury retailers.” The number of stores joining in the service has yet to be released. Water […]

  • Lottery Winner Forced to Split Winnings

      A shocking legal ruling in a lawsuit over a man’s dream and a lottery ticket. A judge in England has ordered a lottery winner to split his winning jackpock with the waiter who predicted the win. Fatih Ozcan is a waiter at a restaurant in York. The lawsuit claimed he decided to buy a lottery ticket after dreaming he was showing a bunch of cash to his manager, Hayati Kucukkoylu. The next day, the waiter begged his boss to […]

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    Craigslist for the Super Rich

    A typical Craigslist search turns up an old college futon instead of the leather couch shown in the picture and a tiny overpriced sublet; but on Bloomberg there is a secret gem that lies hidden in a service called the Bloomberg Terminal.    For $24,000 a month Wall Street traders (and their super-rich associates) can access a data base that provides them with financial information. Within the terminal is the über elite list serve aptly dubbed Posh (it’s not named for Victoria Beckham; rather the British slang term […]

  • The most expensive place to get a haircut in the U.S. is…?

    The price of a haircut is a wallet buster for some men in a tiny remote island off the coast of Alaska. A new national survey discovered men in Kodiak pay about $26.67 per cut. That’s twice the national average which is $13.95. The Council for Community and Economic Research put together the survey after reviewing prices in 300 U.S. cities. Kodiak’s cost of living registers “well above the 300-city average,” Alaska’s Department of Labor reports. The high cost of […]

  • Can Caffeine Boost Your Workout?

    A new study suggests that if you follow this pattern — drink coffee first, then hit the gym — you are more likely to lose more weight. the study was published in the international journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism.     Researchers found that athletes who took in caffeine before their workout burned fifteen-percent more calories for three hours after they completed their exercise than those who did not. So how much caffeine do you need? They found that this […]

  • Teen Charged $300,000 for Domino’s Pizza

       A late night craving turned into a wallet buster for a high school teen in Newport, England. Nathaniel Bowell says he ordered up a large pizza, a couple of side dishes and some drinks late last month. It’s a tab that would typically cost about $30, but the next time Bowell tried to use his debit card – it was declined. The 19-year-old checked his bank account and was shocked to find his account was overdrawn by hundreds of thousands of […]

  • TGI Fridays Offers Unlimited Appetizer Deal

     It doesn’t have to be friday for you to eat like a cheat day. TGI Fridays is launching a new summer promotion today, its “Endless Appetizers”  offers up all you can eat appetizers for just 10 bucks.   The gut-busting deal is just ten bucks and features the Fridays’ most popular starters – loaded potato skins, pot stickers, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, spinach dig, boneless wings and crispy green-bean fries. There is one caveat, you’ve gotta stick to the same appetizer the […]