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  • Aaron Carter on trials and tribulations, new album and ‘beating Shaq’

    Brother of Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter, Aaron Carter certainly has made a name for himself with a career that started at the ripe age of two. The now 28-year-old is known for his roller coaster of a life, from making millions to selling 30-million records by the time he was 17. When asked if his past deterred others from taking him seriously,  Aaron preached “anything worth having isn’t easy” and states he feels more confident than ever in his abilities and not just vocally, but as […]

  • WGN Special Disco Anniversary gets angry news writers off their feet

    Disco fan or not, everyone loves a good dance break. At WGN we have had a history of those. The year was 1977 and disco was taking off, WGN`s own Ray Rayner welcomed The Windy City Disco Movement to his program, in the very same building we work out of today. We  thought that 39-years was a long time to go without checking in on the old WCDM and invited  Bernie Fryman and Rich Tibbits to join us in regaling the tales of all things […]

  • Team Britain had epic luggage fail due to identical red bags

    There are some things Olympians just aren’t trained for — and identifying identical red duffel bags is apparently one of them. The Great Britain Team arrived home assuming the Olympic games in Rio were behind them, only to be greeted with the greatest game of all. The event stage? Baggage claim. Windsurfer Nick Dempsey was the first Olympian to document the madness. Mine's the red one!! — Nick Dempsey (@nickdempsey1) August 23, 2016 Team Great Britain decided to organize and regroup but […]

  • Mr. Fix It with tips to spruce up wood floors, granite countertops and cement stoops

  • Golf Cart Karaoke: Watch Indiana State Police lip sync ‘Summer Nights’

    INDIANAPOLIS — With summer days driftin’ away, a Indiana State Troopers decided to mark the last days of the State Fair with their rendition of “Summer Nights” from the hit movie “Grease.” The video posted by Officer Jonathan Amburgey on Vimeo Sunday has been played over 13,200 times and is gaining traction online. You can check out more of Amburgey’s videos here. The video starts with four officers riding in a golf cart — two are facing the camera and two are facing backwards. But they […]

  • Meet 14-year-old creator of ‘Puff-N-Fluff’ dog dryer

    Is your pup not a fan of getting wet? We found a 14-year-old who invented a solution to that problem. The idea started when Marissa Streng was conceptualizing ideas for her third grade science fair. She decided to create the Doggie Dryer due to her pet pug “Mojo” hating to get wet. Needless to say, Marissa won the science fair and has since been approached by Shark Tank to feature her invention on the show. There is no confirmation the dog-loving genius will be featured quite […]

  • Applebee’s server gets $500 tip for random act of kindness

    DALLAS — Good Samaritans are all around us and Kasey Simmons is no exception. Simmons, who works as a server at a Dallas-area Applebees, noticed an older woman crying as he waited in line at a nearby grocery store. Simmons chatted with the distraught woman, then paid for her groceries once they reached the register. “It was only $17, but it’s not about the money. It’s about showing someone you care,” Simmons told WFAA. The very next day, the woman’s daughter […]

  • Man with Alzheimer’s ‘comes back’ during duets with son, videos go viral

    Mac McDermott has become a viral sensation while raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. He says father who has the disease “comes back” when they sing together. Back in the day, Mac’s father was credited with the nickname “The Songaminute Man” for knowing a variety a songs as a singer in the Butlin’s Redcoat group. You can follow the the The Songaminute Man on Facebook as well as donate to the cause here.

  • 5 recording artists who got their own cartoons

    Many artists in the industry would tell you that they haven’t truly succeeded until they’ve had their own cartoon show. With few accomplishing this feat, below are the ones who made the cut… 1. The Beatles The cartoon adventures of the Fab Four! followed the Beatles getting themselves into strange situations that always ended with one of their songs being played. They also feature sing along segments with the lyrics displayed on screen. Actors were hired to provide the voices in this series which featured […]

  • Ralph Macchio on Karate Kid remake and role in HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ with James Franco

    Ralph Macchio has spent decades making movies, he is most known for his role as Daniel in the original “Karate Kid,” Billy in “My Cousin Vinny,” and Johnny Cade in “The Outsiders.” You can visit Ralph now through August 21st at Wizard World in Chicago.

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