Live stream of Jason Van Dyke trial in Laquan McDonald murder case

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  • Three recent college grads help provide furniture to families in need

    CHICAGO – Three recent college graduates are making it easier for people in need to get access to quality furniture. The Chicago Furniture Bank is housed in a 6,000 square foot warehouse on the city’s west side. Through partnerships with six nonprofits – the Chicago Furniture Bank provides gently used sets of furniture for $50 and the organization’s founders will personally deliver the goods for $150. To donate, volunteer or learn more check out the Chicago Furniture Bank website.

  • WGN Broadcast Camp with Breakthrough Urban Ministries

    CHICAGO — WGN News just wrapped up its annual summer broadcast camp at Breakthrough Urban Ministries in East Garfield Park. Six students from various Chicago Public Schools participated in this year’s camp. The camp is lead  by CLTV/WGN anchor/reporter Cortney Hall and WGN Morning News supervising producer Afua S. Owusu. The students were given insight into the world of broadcasting through interactive lessons featuring WGN photographer Tremaine Williams, WGN Morning News senior segment producer Tyra Martin, WGN News Political Reporter […]

  • BuzzFeed reporter discusses new reports of sex abuse and assault allegations against R.Kelly

    Chicago, – The anti-sexual harassment initiative, “Time’s Up” recently launched a social media campaign  calling for radio stations and fans to “mute” Chicago native and Grammy winner, R. Kelly.    

  • Teen girls overwhelmed by sexting requests, study says

    CHICAGO — Peer pressure is a normal part of the teenage experience, but a new study from Northwestern University, reveals just how hard it is for girls to say “no” when pushed by a boy to send nude pictures. Researchers analyzed 462 comments posted from 2010 to 2016 on an MTV’S A Thin Line, an online forum dedicated to stopping cyberbulling. Two-thirds of the girls aged 12 to 18 said they had been asked by a boy to send nude […]

  • Texas church shooting: Mental health and gun violence

    In the wake of the Texas church shooting, President Trump blamed the gunman’s mental health for the tragedy. However, earlier this year, he made it easier for people with mental illness to purchase weapons. the president eliminated an Obama-era rule that prevented certain people with mental health conditions from buying firearms. Gun rights advocates said the rule infringed on second amendment rights. Associate professor of health science from Ball State University, Jagdish Khubchandani,  says when a mass murder occurs, the mentally […]

  • Finding the right college for the right price

    College has gotten so expensive and, now is the time of year to start figuring out what your family can afford. The new federal suggested filing deadline for FAFSA forms has been moved up to late October. FAFSA is the free application for federal student aid. Frank Palmasani is the author of “Right College, Right Price ” and a  college counselor at Providence Catholic High School; he joined us on set with tips on how to find the perfect college for […]

  • Lady Killers author discusses the most dangerous women in history

    The vast majority of the world’s most notorious serial killers — are men. yet there is an equally brutal group of women who have carried out their own mass slayings. In her new book, “Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History”, author Tori Telfer explores some of the preconceived notions about serial killers and women.

  • Financial expert Terry Savage answers your money questions

    The markets took a deep dive yesterday with the Dow dropping 234 points as traders reacted to news of a second powerful hurricane barreling toward the east coast and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis. This is the first time the markets have had a volatile reaction since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas 12 days ago. Financial expert Terry Savage weighs in on the largest single day drop we’ve seen since August , plus she answers some of your money questions.  

  • Booze of the future: the virtual reality drinking experience

    He’s ridden a roller coaster in virtual reality…twice… so it makes perfect sense that  Marcus Leshock would be the one to try a cocktail that uses the new technology to enhance the tasting experience. The “Macallan Rare Journey” takes you on a journey to Scotland without leaving your table at Baptiste and Bottle, located on the 20th floor of the new Conrad Hotel. The $95 table side experience is now on the menu at Baptiste and Bottle.

  • Photographer becomes viral sensation for making history more colorful

    My Colorful Past Photographer Matt Loughrey has been gaining online fame for taking rare black and white historical images and turning them into color. He recently colorized the mug shot images of brothers, Clarence and John Anglin, and Frank Morris – the three men who escaped Alcatraz Prison on July 11, 1962.