Has there ever been a Chicago winter with no subzero temperatures?

Dear Tom,
Has there ever been a Chicago winter with no subzero temperatures?
Greg Kaye, Westchester
Dear Greg,
While the city is no stranger to subzero weather and, on average, Chicagoans can expect the thermometer to plunge below zero on eight days in any winter. However, the intensity of winter’s chill can vary considerably from one cold season to the next. In most winters, the lowest temperature drops well below zero — but in some, the low point is only in the single-digits. At least one subzero day has occurred in about 90% of Chicago winters since 1870-71. The most recent winter that failed to record a below zero temperature was 2011-12, when the lowest reading was 5 degrees. In contrast, the greatest number was 25 days in the winter of 1884-85 and recently the city logged 23 in 2013-14.

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