Has there ever been a lower high temp than the 71 degrees at Rio Grande Village, Texas for the lower 48 states?

Dear Tom,

A recent national high was just 71 degrees at Rio Grande Village, Texas. Has there ever been a lower high temperature for the lower 48 states?

Adrian Demus

Dear Adrian,

It’s extremely rare, but it has occurred. We checked the National Weather Service archive of national extremes, which dates to November 2011, and found nothing lower than 72. We contacted University of Wisconsin at Green Bay geoscience Professor Emeritus Steven Dutch, who cataloged the USA Today national temperature extremes from 1995-2006, and he provided the following: During a Christmas cold snap from Dec. 22-24, 1995, there were eight sub-70-degree national highs, the lowest being 66 degrees in Parker, Ariz., and several California locations including Coronado, Thermal, National City and Monterey.

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