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Here are the top 5 bagel spots in Chicago, according to GrubHub

CHICAGO — Like any other national treasure, bagels have their own holiday: National Bagel Day! In honor of the occasion, food delivery service GrubHub analyzed orders from across the city to rank the city’s top bagel stores, flavors, toppings and more.

Lakeview shop Chitown Sandwich Club took the top spot for bagel stores in the city, based on orders, re-order rates and reviews in Chicago, according to GrubHub. In second place is Back of the Yards Coffee Shop, with Steingold’s of Chicago, Hyde Park’s TrueNorth Cafe and Jaffa Bagels rounding out the list in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Everything bagels were the most popular flavor ordered in 2019, with other savory flavors like sesame and onion coming in second and third place. Sweet bagels also made the cut, with cinnamon raisin and blueberry coming in fourth and fifth place.

Chive cream cheese reigned supreme over other flavors in 2019 , followed by a variety of blends including veggie, strawberry, honey walnut and jalapeño, respectively.

Trendy bagel orders were also analyzed, with orders in Chicago being compared to the rest of the country by the increase in popularity.

Bacon, egg and cheese bagels took the top spot, seeing a 654 percent increase in popularity city-wide. Bagels with lox came in second place, with a 438 percent increase, with egg and bagel sandwiches taking the third-place spot after seeing a 147 percent increase.

Story written by Emma Oxnevad

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