Chicago’s consecutive year temperature records

Dear Tom,
I see Chicago’s warmest and coldest Dec. 25 occurred back-to-back in 1982 and 1983. Are there any other opposite, consecutive-year temperature records?

Rich Barnes

Dear Rich,
There are, but not many. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski found just six occurrences.
The one you cited on back-to back Christmases with a high of 64 in 1982 and a low of minus 17 in 1983 is the most famous. Part of the same weather regime, the same thing happened on Dec. 23 with a high of 62 on Dec. 23, 1982 and a low of minus 21 in 1983.
Others include, a record high of 100 on July 28, 1983 followed by a record low of 51 in 1984, April 21, with 88 in 1985 and 27 in 1986; May 11, with an 89-degree high in 1982 that followed a low of 33 in 1981; and Oct. 21, with a record low of 26 in 1952 followed by an 87-degree high in 1953.

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