What years had the most days of measurable precipitation in Chicago?

Dear Tom,
2019 was the city’s third wettest year in terms of total precipitation, but what are the city’s top years with the most days of measurable precipitation?
William J. Ooms Jr.
Dear William,
You raise an interesting point. Checking the city’s precipitation records dating back to 1871, Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski found that 1878 leads all other years with 166 days of measurable precipitation. With an annual total of 41.95 inches, that equates to an average of 0.25 inches per day. Runner-up was 1882 with 152 days of measurable precipitation totaling 41.34 inches, an average of 0.27 inches per day. The city’s wettest year, 2008, totaled 50.86 inches over 138 days, an average of 0.37 inches per day. Last year’s 49.54 inches was accumulated over a third-highest 151 days, for an average of 0.33 inches a day.

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