More snow in October than in December?

Dear Tom,
Has there ever been a year like this, where the monthly snowfall total for October exceeded snowfall totals for both November and December?
Dave Landsittel
Dear Dave,
Surprising, it has happened twice before. This October produced 4.6 inches of snow, nearly an inch more than November’s 3.7 inches and far more than December’s current total of 0.5 inches. In 1989, October delivered 6.3 inches of snow, while November brought 3.9 inches and December 5.4 inches. In 1967, the snow season following the city’s benchmark 23.0 inch January 26-27 blizzard got off to a rousing start with 4.4 inches of snow. However, November could only muster 1.2 inches and December just 2.7 inches. In fact, the snow season’s following the city’s five snowiest Octobers all ended up producing below normal seasonal snowfall.

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