Does the Chicago area ever get any bad ice storms?

Dear Tom,

Does the Chicago area ever get any bad ice storms?
Chad David Parker, Huntsville, Arkansas

Dear Chad,
Absolutely. The worst one occurred just after 1 am on New Year’s Day 1948. With temperatures hovering around freezing, a steady rain quickly coated the city with nearly a half-inch of glaze. Strong winds gusting to 60 mph, coupled with the weight of the ice, brought down trees and power lines. Several large radio transmission towers were also toppled. Roads were so slippery that all traffic, except for emergency vehicles, was ordered off the streets. Adding to the misery, nearly 5 inches of snow fell on top of the ice later that day. Ironically, the storm canceled a city ice-skating championship meet. Another severe Chicago ice storm occurred on January 23-24, 1965 and caused widespread, long-term power outages and produced millions of dollars of damage.

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