Has there ever been a month where every day was above or below normal?

Dear Tom,

Has there ever been a month where every day was above or below normal?

Randall Martens
David Ruiz

Dear Randall and David,

Determining runs of above or below normal temperatures is difficult as temperature normals change when they are updated every 10 years. Days that were above normal in the 1920s might be below normal compared to the current 1991-2010 normals. WGN-TV/Chicago Tribune meteorologist, Richard Koeneman, found three months, dating back to 1871, where every day was above normal when compared to the normals in effect at that time. January 1880, the city’s warmest January, was part of a run of 36 above-normal days from December 27-January 31. August 1995 was part of a 52-day run from July 11-August 31 and January 2006, part of 47 warmer than normal days from December 23-February 7. The city has never recorded a completely below-normal month.

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