Was this past November extremely cloudy?

Dear Tom,
Was it my imagination or was this past November extremely cloudy?
Mark Johnson Chicago
Dear Mark,
It was not your imagination. November 2019 was unusually cloudy, averaging just 33 percent of its possible sunshine, nine percent below the month’s 42 percent normal. It featured nine totally cloudy days, including a month-ending four-day run from November 27-30. There were just two totally sunny days- November 8 and 12. However, as cloudy as it was, it actually produced five percent more sunshine than last November, a month that logged just 28 percent of its possible sunshine. Based on sunshine data, dating back to 1893, Chicago’s all-time cloudiest month was November 1985, a dismally-cloudy month that received just 16 percent of its possible sunshine and documented 19 totally sunless days.

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