Britain’s Parliament Debates Brexit Deal

London–  In a rare weekend session, Britain’s Parliament is meeting to debate and vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal.

The plan, hammered out this week in Brussels with the leaders of the 27 other E.U. countries, faces a razor thin vote.

After hours of debate today, including an appearance by former Prime Minister Theresa May, the focus has turned to an amendment designed to prevent an automatic no-deal Brexit at the end of the month.

Johnson has threatened to pull his deal off the table and call for an election if the amendment passes.

Votes could come anytime, or the session could go long into the night.

Britain is facing an October 1st deadline to leave the European Union.

Meanwhile, thousands are gathering in protest on London’s streets to demand a second national referendum on Brexit.

The first referendum in 2016 was criticized immediately after the vote, as thousands of Brits admitted they weren’t sure what they were voting for.  Many of them interpreted the referendum as a vote of confidence for the government of then Prime Minister David Cameron, not whether to leave the E.U.160624005518-uk-referendum-brexit-whats-next-mclaughlin-pkg-00000618-exlarge-tease

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