Cubs fan suing team over memento idea

CHICAGO —A Chicago Cubs fan is suing his favorite team for stealing his idea.

Daniel Fox filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday.

He alleges that, in 1984, he came up with the idea to encase a piece of ivy from Wrigley Field as a memento.

“In its finished form, the Fox Commemorative is a five-by-seven-inch rectangular sculpture based on Wrigley Field’s ivy-covered walls,” the lawsuit states. “It features a single ivy leaf encased in a Lucite block. Above the leaf is the title ‘The Year the Ivy Smiled.’”

Fox said he had a deal in place with the Cubs, but that fell through when the ’84 team was eliminated in the playoffs.

But after the Cubs won the championship in 2016, the team started selling an ivy leaf memento with a similar design.

Fox said that it is a copy of his original idea, but he was never compensated.

The Cubs produced 2,016 of those commemorative items and sold them for $200, plus shipping and handling.

A Cubs spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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