How many days with highs in the 70s do we have in Chicago?

Dear Tom,
How many days with highs in the 70s do we have in Chicago? It seems as if it’s always too cold or too hot!

Sharon Palmer
Dear Sharon,
We performed a computer sweep of Chicago’s official temperatures for the entire data set of daily maximum temperatures, 1871-2018, and placed each of the 54,056 days in that period into its appropriate 10-degree temperature interval (highs in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.).
The scan revealed that Chicago’s daily high temperatures span a range from -11 to 105 degrees. Those extreme values are certainly within the “too cold or too hot” categories that you indicated. But, surprisingly, high temperatures in the 70s occurred on more days, 9,123 days or 17% of the total, through the years than any other 10-degree interval. The 80s placed second with 15 percent of the total, and the 30s came in third with 14 percent.

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