Oak Park River Forest teacher investigated after reports of inappropriate conduct

OAK PARK, Ill. — An Oak Park River Forest high school teacher has been placed on leave while the district investigates reports of inappropriate conduct.

School officials refused to provide specifics but WGN News obtained an internal email sent to staff.  It confirms that a teacher is on a leave of absence and says the district is taking all appropriate steps to investigate allegations and ensure the safety of students.

The memo also instructs teachers and staff not to discuss the allegations and provides a script to discourage speculation: “This really is not an appropriate topic of conversation, let’s change the subject,” the memo suggests adults say to each other.  If a student expresses concern about the situation, the memo encourages staff to have them talk with their counselor or school social workers.

A spokesperson for the school told WGN News, “An email went out to faculty and staff informing them that we have a teacher on leave and that we are taking all appropriate steps to investigate allegations.”

Oak Park police did not immediately say whether the department has been called in to investigate.

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