Are there are gaps in the hurricane names?

Dear Tom,
Why are there are gaps in the hurricane names? We had Dorian, then the next one we hear about is Imelda. Aren’t there names for each letter?
 Greg Simmons
Dear Greg,
There are no gaps in the named tropical cyclones. The fact is that some named storms are short-lived or so far out to sea that they receive little media attention. Category 5 Hurricane Dorian was a huge story, and though never stronger than a tropical storm, Imelda is bringing catastrophic flooding to southeast Texas. T.S. Erin, existed just four days in the Atlantic between Bermuda and Southeast, T.S. Fernand dissipated in just one day as it moved onshore into northeast Mexico and T.S. Gabrielle roamed the open Atlantic for seven days in early September. Hurricane Humberto, still an active storm, is moving east across the Atlantic south of the Canadian Maritimes.

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