More hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean than in the Pacific?

Dear Tom,
Why do hurricanes seem to only form in the Atlantic Ocean and not the Pacific?
Thanks, Tom Cannon Tinley Park
Dear Tom,
Hurricanes do form in the Pacific, and in most years, the number of Pacific tropical cyclones outnumber the Atlantic. What is true, is that Atlantic Basin storms get far more publicity because of potential impact on the U.S. mainland. In a typical hurricane season, there are 11 named tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, while the eastern Pacific averages 15. Typically, eastern Pacific storms form off the west coast of Mexico and travel west, affecting only the shipping lanes though, in 2018, two storms threatened Hawaii. When typhoons that roam the northwest Pacific and hurricanes that form east of Australia in the southwest Pacific are added to the mix, the Pacific totally dominates.

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