Scammers posing as Will County deputy warn residents to pay ‘bond’ or go to jail

WILL COUNTY — Scammers posing as a lieutenant from the Will County Sheriff’s Office are trying to scare residents into paying “bond” to stay out of jail, officials said Monday.

When Will County residents receive the calls, their caller ID falsely identifies the source as the Will County Sheriff’s Office, the office said in a statement. Technology can allow the scammers to “spoof” the office’s phone number.

A male caller then identifies himself using a current deputy’s correct name and badge number, and claims police have a warrant out for the resident’s arrest. They then threaten to put them in jail unless they pay “bond” in the form of prepaid gift cards.

“The Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents that we DO NOT conduct business over the phone to inform any individual that they have a warrant out for their arrest! All Will County warrants that are issued can be verified by the public,” the office wrote.

Anyone receiving similar calls should do one simple thing, the office writes: “Just Hang Up The Phone!”

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