Cold front to bring an end to brief warm spell

Gusty south winds swept the Plains on Monday, drawing 90-degree heat as far north as Nebraska. Imperial, Nebraska even reached 100 degrees. By Tuesday, low pressure over southern Canada will have moved to the upper Great lakes, sending the pool of heat eastward into the Midwest. Meanwhile, a complex of thunderstorms over western Minnesota Monday evening will have tracked southeast, along the periphery of tropical air. These storms may skirt northern portions of the metro area early Tuesday. As temps rise well into the 80s Tuesday afternoon, and dew points hover near 70 degrees, our air will become quite unstable. Scattered gusty storms, some possibly severe are forecast to develop. The front will pass the area early Tuesday evening, ending the storm threat and introducing much cooler air. Wednesday through Sunday, area high temps are expected to average about 7 degrees below normal.

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