Why is July hotter than other months worldwide?

Dear Tom,
Why is July hotter than other months worldwide? The Earth is farther from the sun and it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Are the observations biased towards the Northern Hemisphere?


Dear Vance,

The observations are not biased, it’s all about the Earth’s geography. Most of this planet’s land masses are in the Northern Hemisphere and since land heats faster than water, the highest temperatures are found north of the equator, so July is typically the planet’s hottest month. According to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, globally, July 2019’s average temperature was 62.1 degrees and was 1.7 degrees higher than the July average temperature for the 20th Century. Citing records dating back to 1880, it was the one of the planet’s hottest months on record in close competition with August 2016 for top honors.

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