What was The Weather Prayer of General George S. Patton?

Dear Tom,

What was The Weather Prayer of General George S. Patton?

Gene Meier,
Sycamore, Illinois

Dear Gene,

In December, 1944 rain and snow were hampering U.S. war efforts. A frustrated Patton, contacted Chaplain O’Neill and asked for a prayer for good weather that would improve the chances for victory. The chaplain provided this prayer which was distributed to the troops along with a Christmas greeting. “Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression of wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations”. The results-the weather cleared for the next six days.

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