What were the temps from July 26-July 31, 1934 and was August nearly as warm?

Dear Tom,

Following Chicago’s historic July 18-25, 1934 heat wave, what were the temperatures from July 26-July 31, 1934 and was August nearly as warm?

Karlene Mostek

Dear Karlene,

The city’s historic heat wave broke on July 26 with a refreshing cooler high of 78. During the rest of the month, daily highs clustered in the 70s and lower 80s with the exception of a July 29 high of 92. August turned out to be less than a degree above normal with all the hot weather confined to the month’s first 18 days that included five days of highs at least 90 and included the summer’s last 100-degree day on August 8. The last two weeks of August were actually on the cool side with the highest temperature just 82 degrees on the 18th and hosted three sub-70 degree days that included back-to back 64-degree highs on August 28-29.

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