Video captures adorable reaction of boys receiving new puppy

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two boys were incredibly emotional after their parents surprised them with a new puppy after years of asking. Their parents, Kenji and Erin Fields captured their sons’ reactions in one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen.

The sons, Grayson and Talan, were completely surprised when they went to the airport near them to get the puppy.

In the video, they walk up to their mom who was holding the dog. Then Grayson begins to cry and pet the dog. He eventually was able to hold the puppy and giggled. Talan and Grayson both hugged.

The Fields said their son was allergic to dogs, but had been doing allergy shots. They decided it was time to get the boys the puppy they had always wanted.

The family said they called the dog Basil without even realizing it, and it became his new name.

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