Watchdog reports hundreds of CPS sexual misconduct complaints

CHICAGO — The Chicago Public Schools’ inspector general says during the last school year the office received about three complaints of sexual misconduct daily.

In a report this week to the Board of Education, the Office of Inspector General said the vast majority of those 458 allegations relate to “leering, ‘creepy or other concerning behavior,” by a staff member, contractor or volunteer.

Inspector General Nicholas Schuler says half of those cases reported between the start of October to the end of last month remain under investigation.

Schuler says of the 160 cases that were closed in that time, the office substantiated 44 allegations. Two included sexual misconduct, six were sexual harassment or gender discrimination and the other 36 were non-sexual CPS policy violations.

Schuler says 23 employees were fired, 97 adults were pulled from the classroom pending investigation and 15 substitute teachers have been barred from teaching in the 361,000 student district.

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