What day has been Chicago’s hottest day?

Dear Tom,
In Chicago’s weather records, what day has been the city’s very hottest day? I’m guessing that day is in July.
Timmy Johnston
Dear Timmy,
In official temperature records dating from Nov. 1, 1870, through today, Chicago’s hottest day was on July 30, 1916, when the maximum temperature was 102 degrees and the minimum 84 degrees, for an average temperature of 93.0 degrees. The observation station then was located in downtown Chicago in the U.S. Courthouse building at 219 South Dearborn Street, less than one mile from Lake Michigan. At Midway Airport, located seven miles inland from the summertime cooling effect of Lake Michigan, in records dating from 1928, the highest temperature was recorded on July 30, 1999, when the maximum and minimum temperatures were 104 and 84 degrees, for a sweltering average temperature of 94.0 degrees.

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