Sunday Brunch: S’mores

The Dawson's Executive Pastry Chef, Greg Mosko, showed us how to make the perfect campfire s'mores.

Toasted Cinnamon Marshmallow

Yield one ¼ pan

140g (5oz)water

8 sheets gelatin

2T vanilla Paste

10g (1/4oz)coffee

270g (9.5oz)sugar

150g (5oz)water

270g (9.5oz) corn syrup

2T toasted Cinnamon- sifted

50/50 mixture of cornstarch and confectioners sugar for dusting


In Kitchen Aid bowl combine, first water, bloomed gelatin and coffee and vanilla paste

In saucepan combine water, sugar, and corn syrup and cook to 138 degrees Celsius

Meanwhile while the sugar mixture is boiling place the kitchenaid bowl over saucepan to heat water/gelatin mixture until gelatin is melted

Place in kitchen aid and start whipping until frothy. Once the sugar mixture is at 138C pour over the frothy mixture very carefully and whip until cool.

Once cool add in the toasted cinnamon. Mix to incorporate, moving very quickly pour out and spread into a lined and sprayed ¼ pan. This mixture will set up very quickly so be sure to have all of your ingredients ready to go for spreading.

For best results Let the marshmallows set overnight. Once the marshmallows are set run a knife along the edges and unmold onto a cutting board that has been dusted with the 50/50 mixture of cornstarch and confectioners sugar. This will keep the marshmallows dry and able to be handled so that they can be placed on the skewers for roasting.



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