CFO executive helps build countless homes for families in need

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CHICAGO — A local CFO brings his passion for helping others to the boardroom and his carpentry skills to a build site.

He may not be a carpenter by trade, but Ted Dosch has helped build countless homes for families in need.

He is the CFO of Anixter International in Glenview and has spent the past 20 years volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, a global organization that builds affordable housing.

"One of the things I think is such a hallmark of Habitat for Humanity, you`re able because you can work side by side with a partner family, somebody who is actually going to buy the home, not have it given to them, but buy the home," Dosch said.

He says he first learned about Habitat for Humanity in 1999 while working for Whirlpool. The organization had approached Whirlpool asking for discounted appliances.

"We went back to them and said `hey we`re not gonna sell you these products at a discount, how about we just give them to you,'" Dosch said.

That was the beginning of a longterm corporate partnership. Ten years ago when Ted made the move to Anixter, he was quick to get them involved.

"We now have hundreds and hundreds of our employees get out with all 8 Hab affiliates in the Chicagoland to help build homes for partner families," Dosch said.

As for Ted, he has swung the hammer with Habitat for Humanity around the world.

"Building homes in Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala and Macedonia and South Africa and Egypt, a lot of different places," Dosch said.

His contribution doesn't end there. As a former Habitat for Humanities international board member, he currently sits on the Chicagoland Board of Directors. In 2017, he was awarded the Habitat Hero Award after he and his wife made a million dollar donation to the Chicagoland affiliate.

He says his passion derives from watching people put hours of 'sweat equity' into homes for themselves and others. He still recalls his first build.

It was really my first time building a house side by side with a partner family and really got to know, in that case it was a single mother with two kids, and as I worked side by side with her day after day, what I came to realize was that other than where we were economically in life, my wife and I had a whole lot more in common with her and her family than we had difference," Dosch said.

"There is nothing outside of my family that makes me more proud with what we've been able to accomplish and helping to change the lives, improve the lives, transform the lives with Habitat for Humanity," Dosch said.

Ted Dosch is one of Chicago's Very Own.

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