‘Mai Tai Guy’ snags Kyle Schwarber’s home run ball from kids and the internet is not happy

CHICAGO —Kyle Schwarber hit his first career walk-off homer to give the Chicago Cubs a 4-3 comeback victory over the Cincinnati Reds Tuesday night.

As fans at Wrigley Field celebrated, two young boys in the front row of the bleachers eagerly reached for Schwarber’s ball that landed in the left-field basket. That’s when a man wearing a blue “Cubs” jersey, with the name “Mai Tai Guy” on the back, stretched over the boys and snagged the home run ball.

The man then celebrated his victory by raising the ball in the air for everyone to see, before turning around and heading back up the bleachers.

And just like that, #MaiTaiGuy was born — and the internet is not happy.

However, some agree with #MaiTaiGuy and believe that all is fair in love and baseball.

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