Your Money Matters: Understanding property taxes

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Erik Lauren

DIY Property Tax Appeal - Online property tax appeal Service.



  1. Cook County property tax bills, when they come out, create an understanding of when you can appeal them. For example, the bills that just came for 2018 cannot be appealed, would have had to be done last year.
  2. Understanding you bill and how its calculated. For example, the first installment that you receive in Jan is 55% of the previous year’s bill, so any increases from reassessment or decrease from appeal gets applied to the second installment in July of the following year.
  3. Understanding your Assessed Value, as compared to market value, as compared to your neighbors and the Assessors role in that process.
  4. Your appeal options, doing it on your own, hiring a firm with a traditional percentage of savings, or hiring a service like ours for a flat rate, and the differences.
  5. Possible exemptions, Homeowners, Senior, Disabled Persons, are you getting them, where to check, how to get a refund for missed years, how and when to apply for 2019.
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