10th Ward activists demand immigrant protections

CHICAGO — Activists and elected officials from Chicago’s 10th Ward on the Southeast Side held a rally Monday calling on the city to better protect immigrants.

They made their demands a day after President Donald Trump threatened nationwide Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids to round up people who have orders of deportation.

The raids didn’t happen in Chicago, but activists said the fear of them is still hanging over the city.

At a news conference Monday, they called on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to toughen the Welcoming City ordinance. The ordinance declares Chicago a “sanctuary city,” but activists and some city aldermen said the ordinance allows ICE to access the city’s gang database.

They said the database is full of errors and leads to wrongful arrests.

The group also canvassed Southeast Side businesses with flyers that list rights a person can invoke in case of an ICE raid.

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