Weeks after state of emergency declared, some University Park residents still unable to drink water

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Ill. — Nearly three weeks since a state of emergency was declared by the mayor of University Park, 2000 homes remain under a do not consume water order.

Monday residents gathered for a town hall meeting where they received an update on the lead levels.

The crisis surfaced in June when Aqua Illinois, the company charged with municipal water in University Park, issued a “do not consume” order.  They detected elevated lead levels in the drinking water.

At the time, Aqua officials told the village the problem would be resolved within a “couple of days.”

It was not.

Aqua wouldn’t reveal the numbers but WGN Investigates found them through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. 

In general, no lead is best and at most, the EPA recommends levels remain below 15 ppb.

But in University Park, testing as recently as May and June found lead levels to be as high as 1,700.

That highest level was on Blackhawk Drive.  Homes on Pebble Beach had lead level of 800 micrograms per liter. 53 times the EPA max.

There was no Aqua representative at the meeting Monday.  There was a representative from the Illinois EPA.


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