What is the latest date that Chicago has had snow?

Dear Tom,

What is the latest date that Chicago has had snow?

Mark Shaeffer

Dear Mark,

Snowflakes have flown in the air in Chicago as late in the season as June. It was just a trace (that is, no accumulation), but snow was officially recorded in the city on June 2, 1910, when the temperature was a chilly and very un-June-like 44 degrees. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski tells us snow — more accurately, wet snowflakes — occurred during a thunderstorm that also brought rain, hail and total precipitation of 0.41 inch on a chilly day when the high/low temperatures were 55/43 degrees.

Virtually all of Chicago’s snow occurs from October through May, but traces of snow have also been recorded in September. Thus, the city has actually received snow in ten months of the year. July and August stand apart as Chicago’s only absolutely snow-free months.

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