More storm reports

Just into the WGN Chicago Weather Center

Peotone-   5-inch diameter tree down

Crescent City, IL in Iroquois County 1.33 inches of rain in 40 minutes at 4:08 pm

Beaverville, IL in Iroquois Brick wall collapsed at 3:22 pm

Wind gusts to 43 mph at Lake Village IN  and 60 mph at Kentland IN at 4:06 pm

Wind gusts to 58 mph at Kentland Airport  in southern Newton County at 4:06 pm

Byron   Ogle County- Several trees downed at 12:50 pm

Fairbury- Livingston County  P{ower lines down at 3:30 pm

Aurora- Tree uprooted at 2:00 pm

Elk Grove Village- Large commercial sign blown down on a car at 1:35 pm

Odell, IL in Livingston County  Power lines down

Heavy rain and winds in the Morocco, Indiana area around 3:48 pm small limbs and branches breaking

Crest Hill Rainfall totals up to 2.80 inches  in 60-90 minutes

Minooka some flooding from the heavy rainfall around 3 pm  near Holt and Ridge roads

Batavia- Power pole leaning at 45-degree angle after storms hit

Momence- Numerous trees down around 3:00 pm some have fallen on houses

Peotone- Wind gusts to 55 mph at 2:45 pm 6-8 inch diameter tree limbs down

Cary 1:20 pm numerous tree branches down



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