Lunchbreak: Waffle burger with andalouse sauce

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Oliver Poilevey,  Executive Chef of Petit Bouchon, Le Bouchon, La Sardine


Petit Bouchon is part of Revival Food Hall’s popular rotating quarterly pop-up series and he will teach viewers about this delicious handheld Belgian street food.

Revival Food Hall

Financial District, 125 S. Clark St., Chicago

Other Restaurants:

Le Bouchon

1958 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

La Sardine

111 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607

Waffle Burger



Liege Style Waffle                                            1 ea

Burger Patty                                                       1 Ea

Raclette Cheese Sliced                                  2 Slices

Guanciale (Bacon)                                            2 Strips

Caramelized Onions                                        2 Tablespoons

Pickles (Recipe Below)                                   5 slices

Andalouse Sauce (Recipe below)               1 Tablespoon


Egg Yolk                                                               4 ea

Lemon Juice                                                       ¼  C

Confit Garlic                                                       1/8 C

Raw Garlic                                                           2 ½ cloves

Dijon                                                                     ½ C

Rice Bran Oil                                                       1 QT (4 C)

Piquillo Pepper Puree                                        1 C

Harissa                                                                  ½ C

Salt                                                                        To Taste


Combine egg yolks, lemon juice, Garlic and Dijon in a food processer.

While food processer is spinning slowly add rice bran oil until you have an aioli.

Add additional ingredients adjusting for seasoning.


Cucumber                                           6 ea

Salt                                                         1 PT

Onion                                                    1 ea

Clove                                                     1 Tablespoon

Coriander                                            2 Tablespoon

Black Pepper                                     2  TableSpoon

Sugar                                                     1 PT

Vinegar                                                 1 QT

Water                                                   1.5 QT


Slice cumbers thin.

Toss in salt and let cure for 1 hour.

Rinse twice washing off all salt.

While cucumbers are curing combine sugar, vinegar, water and spices in a pot and bring to a boil.

Julienne onions and mix with cucumbers.

Pour pickling liquid over vegetables through a strainer (discarding spices).


*Chef recommends you use your favorite waffle recipe - these amounts are for a large batch and for the professional kitchen.*

La gaufre de Liège (for Le Bouchon)

3000  g (6 1/2 pounds/15 cups) Bread Flour

150  gr (3/4 cup) Granulated Sugar

150   gr (3/4 cup) Honey

60    gr (4 1/2 T) Salt

1500  gr (7 1/2 cups)Tempered Milk

660   gr (3.2 cups) Eggs

45    gr (3.5 T) Dry Yeast

1500  gr (7 1/2 cups) Butter

Mixing all of the ingredients besides the butter in a electric mixer, using dough hook.

  • 5 min. in 1st gear
  • 7/9 min. in 2nd gear (until development of the gluten)
  • Add the chopped and cold butter
  • Mix another 7 min in 2nd gear, until butter is completely incorporated and the dough not sticking on the bowl

One ingredient will be added later:

1800 gr (9 cups) Sucre perlé - added as you form dough into small balls.  Then place balls into your waffle maker per instructions of machine.

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