What is the longest stretch between 90 degree days here?

Dear Tom,
What is the longest stretch between 90 degree days here?
Nick Recchia, River Grove
Dear Nick,
The city’s longest stretch between 90-degree highs stands at 684 days, spanning the period between the 91-degree high on August 21, 1874 and the city’s next high of 90 degrees on July 6, 1876. This record stretch covered 1875, the city’s only year, since 1871, that failed to produce a 90-degree day. Runner-up was a 393-day period from July 22, 1883-August 19, 1884. Both of these episodes took place in the infancy of Chicago’s climate records when the lakeside proximity of the official thermometer, put a decided damper on the number of 90-degree days here. Since the official thermometer was moved inland to Midway Airport in 1942 and then to O’Hare Airport in 1980, the longest stretch has been 344 days, between a 92-degree high on September 5, 1999 and a high of 92 on August 15, 2000.

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