Where is the deepest part of Lake Michigan and what is the water temperature?

Dear Tom,
Where is the deepest part of Lake Michigan and what is the water temperature?
William Drezdzon Des Plaines
Dear William,
Lacey Mason of the Great Lakes Environmental Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan informed us that the deepest part of Lake Michigan is about 925 feet, and is located in the Chippewa Basin which is about 36 miles east of Forestville, Wisconsin on the Door Peninsula. Mason informed us that at that depth, the water temperature is a nearly constant 39 degrees, though there are small variations during the year. Water is densest at 39 degrees, so stratification occurs with the densest water sinking to the bottom of the lake. Heat transfer from the layers above cause small temperature variations throughout the year. Lake Superior is the deepest of the Great Lakes with a maximum depth of 1332 feet, about 40 miles north of Munising, Michigan.

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