Boy from Mexico travels to Chicago for help with brain tumor

CHICAGO — A boy from Mexico is now in Chicago, so doctors can try to save his life.

Alan was a healthy 5-year-old boy until his energy level disappeared a few months ago. That’s when a doctor diagnosed him with a rare tumor on the stem of his brain.

The family said the hospital would not help him because they’re poor.

Alan and his mother traveled through rural Mexico to the U.S. border for Humanitarian Parole.

On Monday night, they arrived in Chicago, where he will see a cancer specialist.

“I can not just watch my son die. There has to be someone who can help?” Alan’s mother Olivia said.

“This child and mother have traveled hundreds of miles to save Alan’s life. This is a sick child with a rare brain tumor who deserves the best chance to fight for his life and be treated with respect and dignity,” said Pastor Julie Contreras LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and Our Lady of Suyapa Sanctuary.

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