Ten scooter companies start operation in Chicago

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CHICAGO — Ten scooter companies were given permits to operate for a four month trial period starting Saturday.

The scooters can operate within a 50 square mile radius and offer a new way to get around the city.

Among the ten companies are VeoRide, the only Chicago-based outlet, and Lime, which lobbied for over a year to convince city council to allow the scooters to operate around the city.

Lime costs $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute after. There is a smart phone app, but there are also options for people who do not have smart phones. The scooter company also offers a reduced rate for people with lower incomes.

Alderman Walter Burnett said he supports the scooters so far, and that he thinks it's good for the environment and the economy.

"The guys who charge the batteries will be independent contractors which means that guys can work from home," Burnett said, "They just go pick up some scooters, charge them and put them back, make some money, creating businesses for people, which is pretty cool."

The scooters are meant to be used on streets and bike lanes, not sidewalks. Some safety concerns that have been seen in other cities are ensuring that users park the scooters correctly and out of the way from cars or pedestrians.

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