Young girl with autoimmune disorder makes teddy bear IV bags

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. — A young girl with an auto-immune disorder designed a product to make hospital visits a little less scary for other kids.

Twelve-year-old Ella Casano started the company, Medi Teddy, to conceal bags of IV medication or blood products from child  patients.

The pouches look like smiling teddy bears on the front, but have mesh on the back. The mesh allows for doctors or nurses to look at the fluid and see when it needs to be refilled.

Ella had the idea for the company because of her experience with frequent hospital visits. When she was 7 years old, Ella was diagnosed with ITP, an auto-immune disorder where the body destroys the platelets in the blood. Without treatment, someone with ITP is at high risk for bleeding or bruising. Most kids grow out of this disease.

The disease has not gone away yet for Ella, causing her to visit the hospital every eight weeks for an IV of medicine to help increase her platelets.

On the Medi Teddy website, she said when she would go to these hospital visits, she saw kids just like her who were intimidated by the medical equipments and tubes.

Ella even has a patent for Medi Teddy, and said she will donate 500 bears as soon as she reaches her fundraising goal of $5,000.


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