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When is the last time Chicagoland experienced prolonged drought conditions?

Dear Tom,
When is the last time Chicagoland experienced prolonged drought conditions?

Aaron Duncan

Dear Aaron,With all the recent rainfall and resultant flooding, it hard to recall our last episodes of broiling temperatures, withered vegetation and parched, cracked soil. The last significant drought to affect the Chicago area took place in 2012. Chicago’s precipitation for all of 2012 totaled just 26.91 inches, and the area was locked in moderate to severe drought much of the summer and fall. . The warm dry pattern began in a remarkable March, 2012 that featured eight days in the 80s and the summer was very hot with 46 days of 90-degree plus heat that included four days with triple-digit highs. The drought quickly vanished in 2013 which logged more rain through June 30 (28.46 inches) than fell in all of 2012.

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