Coastin’ the Country Ep. 8: Maxx Force Full Circuit Test Recap at Six Flags Great America, Hagrid’s opens at Universal Orlando

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I got through taping and editing an entire podcast on the early testing phases of Maxx Force. The Six Flags Great America launch coaster was just leaving the station and barely making it up the first inversion. It should only be a few days before it makes a full circuit. I’m done and ready to publish.

And then the video hits the internet.

MAXX FORCE HAS MADE A FULL TEST CIRCUIT! Very exciting – but not as exciting when you have to go back and redo a bunch of work! Honestly though, this is great news. The crews at the park are getting even closer to getting this ride open.

In this episode of the podcast, I break down what we saw in that first test video. I also went back and clarified some things about the queue area I said last week. What will be covered and what won’t be covered?

I put together a video from this week’s podcast that talks about the first test launch and also the line situation with the canopies. Hopefully this clears things up! Take a look…

Thanks to CoasterNick3157 for providing the second video of Maxx Force making a full circuit launch. You can see more of his videos HERE.

We also talked about the new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure roller coaster opening at Universal Studios Orlando this week. The hype surrounding this ride is off the charts. It features a unique car where you can choose to sit on a motorbike or in a side car. There are tons of animatronics along the way, along with a forest featuring real trees, seven launches, a vertical stall and a freefall drop track situation. Universal has not released any POV video yet, if they will at all. But there were quite a few enthusiasts there who put together some videos. Take a look…..


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