Group releases more undercover video showing animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farm

Data pix.

FAIR OAKS, Ind. —More undercover video showing animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farm has been released by the animal advocacy group Animal Recover Mission (ARM).

The group posted an extended version of the video they released earlier this week. This video is 90 minutes along.

**WARNING: Video below contains graphic content of animal abuse that may be disturbing to viewers.

The first video showing animal abuse at the farm was released by ARM on Tuesday. One of the group's members went undercover as a worker on the farm from August to November 2018. The footage the worker captured showed four farm employees and one outside contractor abusing the calves.

Fair Oaks Farm founder Mike McCloskey apologized for his employee's actions, and said they have all been fired or barred from the facilities. He also promised new steps to prevent animal cruelty at his company, including surveillance cameras and hiring an inspector to make surprise visits.

In the days following the video's release, several grocery store chains pulled the farm's Fairlife products from their shelves. Tony's Finer Foods is the most recent store to stop selling Fairlife.

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