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Coastin’ The Country Ep. 7: Maxx Force update at Six Flags Great America

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It’s the roller coaster all of Chicagoland is waiting for.

Maxx Force Six Flags Great America will launch riders from 0-78mph in under two seconds before shooting you about 175 feet in the air into a double inversion. From there, you’ll come straight down and head into a barrel roll before going upside down one more time into the station.


If you’ve been to the park this season, you know the ride is still under construction. Six Flags invited me out to take a look at the site – and even sit in the train! In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my visit and what I thought of those trains. We also spoke with park president Hank Salemi about how the progress is going and what they have to do to get the ride testing. Also, I got some info about the Scenic Railway train that will eventually be traveling above the Maxx Force launch tunnel.

Check out the episode in the player above! If you haven’t seen my construction video tour yet, you can check that out below.

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