What was the weather like at Normandy on June 7th, 1944?

Dear Tom,

What was the weather like at Normandy on June 7th, 1944? Would the Allies have had better chance storming the beach that day instead?

Kamal Taylor
Woburn Massachusetts

Dear Kamal,

The D-Day invasion was scheduled to take place on June 5, 1944 but a period of storminess forced the mission to be aborted. Forecasters then detected a break in the weather on June 6 and the mission was successfully carried out. The weather was marginal on June 7 and the Allies still might have had a successful invasion, but other factors went into the June 6 “go” decision. Foremost, was a three-day window from June 5-7 when predawn low tides and a full moon would provide ideal conditions. Tides would again be favorable later in the month, but the moonlight would not. Additionally, further delay in the invasion would have required the fleet to refuel and reorganize.

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