Chicago vs. Allentown, Pennsylvania snowfall

Dear Tom,
We have friends in Allentown, Pennsylvania and each winter we have a contest to see who gets the most snow and winner gets a light-up squirrel trophy. Who won this year?
Fran Adams, Sugar Grove

Dear Fran,
Sugar Grove will be a little brighter this year as you will possess the illuminated rodent. Snowfall this winter in the Allentown area was just about normal. They received 32.1 inches of snow, just shy of the normal total of 32.9 inches. In sharp contrast, Chicago area snowfall was well above normal, officially totaling 49.5 inches at O’Hare Airport, more than a foot above the city’s 36.3 inch normal. Both cities logged their heaviest snow outside of the December-February meteorological winter period. Allentown’s biggest snowfall of nearly a foot occurred in the opening days of March, while Chicago biggest storm was on November 25-26 when 8.4 inches fell.

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