Report: State doesn’t know whether 80% of people with revoked FOID cards are still armed

CHICAGO — The Chicago Tribune has found 30,000 people may still possess guns despite having their Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) cards revoked.

That has happened in 80 percent of cases over the past four years.

The report says every county in the state fails to ensure that revoked cardholders turn in their guns.

Among those whose cards are revoked are people who were convicted of domestic violence and those with mental health concerns.

There is a state proposal to increase cardholder fees to pay for a task force to follow up on revocations.

Domestic violence, mental health concerns and felony convictions are the most common reasons for a FOID card revocation.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

• The state rescinded 10,527 FOID cards for domestic violence-related reasons, including battery convictions and orders of protection. Of those former cardholders, 81 percent have not accounted for any guns.

• The state revoked 10,067 FOID cards for mental health concerns, including voluntary and non-voluntary hospitalizations. The whereabouts of those citizens’ firearms are unknown in nearly three of four cases.

• Of 157 Cook County residents who committed suicide with firearms in 2018, nine had revoked FOID cards.

• Chicago accounts for about half of the 10,382 revocations in Cook County. Orland Park and Schaumburg are second and third in the county with 151 and 145 revocations each.

• Among towns with more than 10,000 adults, Mount Vernon, Kankakee, Marion and Plainfield had the highest non-compliance rates in the state.

Revoked cardholders are supposed to surrender their FOID cards to their local police department within 48 hours and fill out a form stating their guns have been transferred either to police or to a legal gun owner.

Most police agencies fail to act on the letters that notify them about FOID revocations. It’s considered a labor-intensive job that requires investigators to find out where the licensees used their FOID cards and confirm what weapons were purchased.

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