Brookfield Zoo black rhino’s surgery unsuccessful

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CHICAGO — A black rhino at Brookfield Zoo underwent surgery Tuesday that did not go well.

Veterinarians performed surgery on Layla, an 8-year-old rhinoceros, to try and clear her nasal passageway. However, the surgery “didn’t take.”

Last April, Layla became the first adult rhino to undergo a CT scan. Veterinarians and were trying to get a better picture of why abnormal tissue continued to grow and block her sinuses.

Since then, she’s had more than 30 procedures and staged surgeries.

The veterinarians tried to insert a custom-made implant to open up the tissue they’ve been dealing with to hopefully allow her to move air normally.

“It’s very important that she’s got that ability to breathe through her nose, unfortunately this mass that we’ve been battling has been slowly pinching off that airway and every time we do a surgery to resect that tissue, it came back in. So today’s implant will hopefully keep that passageway open and keep that tissue from coming back and blocking things off,” Dr. Michael Adkesson, VP of clinical medicine at the Chicago Zoological Society, said.

Zoo officials said the surgery didn’t work and that they were unable to get the implant properly inserted.

Officials said they will try again in a few weeks.

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