Durbin introduces bill to crack down on robocall scammers

CHICAGO — The Federal Communications Commission is warning people not to return robocalls.

Some of them are costing consumers billions. Every second, 68 robocalls go out in Illinois. This happens despite the "Do Not Call List," and other laws meant to put an end to the annoying calls.

Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. Tammy Duckworth introduced a bill aiming to increase enforcement and penalties of companies and people running robocall scams.

This new bill treats cell phone and land lines the same. People who are behind these robocalls and its$1  billion a year industry, continue to evolve to evade laws and fines. The fine under this bill is $500 per call.

Durbin said this is a start and believes it will start to act as a deterrent instead of just a cost of doing business.

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