What is the latest accumulated snowfall in the Chicago area?

Dear Tom,

Growing up in the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River, I have a vague recollection of snow around Memorial Day in the early or mid-1950s. Is my memory accurate? Also, what is the latest accumulated snowfall in the Chicago area?

Al Swanson
River Forest

Dear Al,

We had weather historian Frank Wachowski check the archives and he found that the climate facts do not support your memories. The latest measurable snowfall ever recorded in the Quad Cities, occurred on May 3, 1935 when 0.3 inches of snow fell. Chicago’s latest measurable snowfall occurred eight days later in May, taking place on May 11, 1966 when 0.2 inches fell. The city’s latest significant snowfall was on May 3, 1907 when 1.3 inches fell and the latest trace of snow fell on June 2, 1910.

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